our story 

From humble beginnings


In 1934 the Great Depression was in full effect, but for Henry K Peters it was a time for new beginnings. Henry K Peters was a local farmer who owned a plot of land just outside of Dinuba, California and used this 30 acre parcel to grow many different crops; including watermelons which he sold to the surrounding communities. During the year of 1934, he saw another farmer struggling to keep his land. In response, Henry peters offered to trade parcels for $2,000. In doing so, Henry now owned 50 acres with better soil. It is this 50 acre parcel that Peters Fruit Farms Inc was built and continues to grow on today!

As years turned into decades, the United States continued to modernize and so did PFFI. In comparison to the previous picture, a shipping dock was added, the facility was enclosed and a small office was built. During these days, PFFI was known as "J Peters & Sons." (in reference to Jonie Peters and his family)


A noticable face-lift occured to PFFI's facility in 1990's . Besides the the adding of the iconic blue trim, management constructed many needed facilities such as:

  • four more shipping docks

  • more office space for a growing administration team 

  • storage area for farming operations

  • (top of photo) 

  • additional employee parking 

  • cold storage rooms

As the Peters family acquired more land, the amount of fruit produced increased substantially. In response, PFFI constructed an additional 36,000 square feet in 2001. This packline, known as Line 2, was larger than the original and was designed to process not only stonefruit, but citrus and pomegranates as well. The 2001 build more than doubled the production area and was a major catalyst for custom packaging operations at PFFI.